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by Jack21 February
Andy Griffiths: Eight Questions with An Eight-Year-Old

What kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a chat with the author of their favourite book series? Our very own Jack got the chance to interview children’s author, Andy Griffiths, to get the skinny on the best selling Treehouse and JUST! series and (in Jack’s words) how to make lots of money writing books.

by Hobart Magazine21 February
The Tassie Book Club- Aug 2023

The Woman Booker Prize Club is a local Hobart book club who have been chatting books together since 2015, reading books by women, non-binary and trans authors. This month, they’ve shared their thoughts on some Tasmanian authors, books set in Tasmania and about Tassie topics. Over to the club!

by Serena Hodge21 February
Does your dairy-free eating cut it for calcium?

Whether it be for environmental, ethical or health reasons; many people are now opting for plant-based dairy. But how can you tell if your barista-grade almond milk cuts the mustard? Below, I share my three top tips for meeting nutritional require­ments on a dairy-free diet.


by Stephanie Williams21 February
Fall in Love with Falls Creek

My first ski was at the age of about 16 at Ben Lomond. We only had one day up there and it was a literal crash course in skiing.


by Liz Osborne21 February
Mortimer Bay Tangara Trails Coastal Reserve

After too many wet days cooped up inside, a walk was needed to blow away the winter cobwebs.

by Peta Hen21 February
Chow Down in Hobart Midtown

Food is often the heart and soul of neighbourhoods, and what better way is there to get to know a place than hitting where the locals love to eat and hang out?

by Amanda Double21 February
Standing at the Edge of the world

It’s exhilaration I feel as I stand at the Edge of the World, my hair whipped into a crazy wind-dance as I gaze out upon the endless sea.

by Peta Hen21 February
Coffee with An Extra Shot of Esteem

Being part of a community is vital for anyone, especially so when you arrived from another country. We spoke to Ren McGrath, from volunteer organisation CityNetworks, about how a new Hobart community network cafe, Esteem Coffee, is breaking down cultural barriers, one esteem’ing cup at a time.

by Peta Hen21 February
Ye Olde North Hobart Colonial Footy Days

Whether you’re for, against or on the fence regarding Tassie’s AFL team and/ or stadium, North Hobart Football Club (NHFC) is considered the ancestral home of Aussie Rules footy in Hobart. We caught up with Rick Tipping for a glimpse back into the early days of NHFC and Tasmanian AFL.

by Alice Hansen21 February
Marcia Hines Sparkles in Velvet Rewired
by Hobart Magazine21 February
Things To Do in Hobart this May 2022
by Hobart Magazine21 February
Things To Do in Hobart this June 2022
by Hobart Magazine21 February
Things To Do in Hobart this April 2022
by James Marten21 February
What’s On: Hobart events in January 2022

Check out these awesome events going on around Hobart this month, or make a weekend of it and travel a little further afield.

by Zilla Gordon21 February
Georgie’s Three-Year Adventure

Georgie was missing for three years, but Hannah always knew she’d come back.

by James Marten21 February
What’s On: Hobart events in August 2021

Check out these awesome events going on around Hobart this month, or make a weekend of it and travel a little further afield.

by James Marten21 February
What’s On: Hobart events in July 2021
by James Marten21 February
What’s On: Get among these Hobart events in June/July 2021
by James Marten21 February
What’s On: Get among these Hobart events in May/June 2021
by Stephanie Williams10 March
Meet the Women Helping the Hobart’s Homeless Through Gardening

Sarah Clark is using her skills in gardening to help the homeless in Hobart.

by Stephanie Williams16 March
Looking through the lens at Spring Bay Mill

Everyone loves a road trip right? Get out of Hobart for the weekend explore what lies beyond the city. Spring Bay Mill, at Triabunna, was once home to the world’s largest wood chip mill.

by Hobart Magazine21 February
Things To Do in Hobart this March
by The Hobart Magazine21 February
Hobart Happenings March 2021
by Sarah Aitken11 March
How To Identify Useful Local Weeds

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them,” so said Eyeore.

by Peter Carey10 March
Feel the Mystery of Hanging Rock

As we gradually conquer the Covid travel restrictions we’ve been enduring, dreams of exploring mystical locations can soon be a reality again.

by Grant Wise10 March
For Nine Years Kingston Was the Epicentre of Tassie Bus-Building

Grant Wise knows more about the Ansair Kingston bus factory in Kingston than most people.

by Zilla Gordon9 March
‘You Have to See the Vision’: Heritage Renos Are On The Rise

What you need to know before you DIY.

by Steven Burgess10 March
Will a Limit on Car Parking Boost CBD Fortunes?

Steven Burgess is a director of Complete Streets, an Australian owned firm dedicated to building happier and healthier towns and cities through better street making.

by Hilary Schofield9 March
Island Entrepreneurs

Delving into the inspiration, influence and individuals behind some of Hobart’s most happening businesses with a social bent.

by John Stephenson9 March
Forgotten Tasmania: Preserving History Through the Lens

We have a rich history in Tasmania. From the 1840s, photographers started documenting Van Diemen’s Land.

by Stephanie Williams9 March
Gemstones Are The Opal Of Luke Eliasz’ Eye

What happens when street art and opals combine? Jeweller Luke Eliasz is there for it.

by Annia Baron9 March
The Yin and the Yang

Can an optimist and a pessimist live in harmony? It’s a typical day on the therapeutic couch and my client Jake begins.

by Zilla Gordon9 March
The Pyramid that Controls Tassie’s Weather

We all know Tassie is cold – but could the end be in sight for our mild summers?

by Stephanie Williams9 March
PODCAST: How Peter Siddle’s Body Became His Temple

Peter Siddle is a former Australian cricketer, a plant-based athlete, and currently calling Hobart home while playing for Tasmania.

by Zilla Gordon9 March
Musician Lasca Dry: Sweet Sea Surrender

As musician Lasca Dry releases her first solo album, she muses on ballet, her home town Ulverstone and why she just loves pink.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Marcus Enno AKA Beardy McBeard

Beardy McBeard is a Hobart-based photographer who has travelled the world shooting all the big races.

by Stephanie Williams9 March
Why Sabra Lane Now Calls Hobart Home

As one of Australia’s most prominent political journos, Sabra Lane is in the box seat when it comes to interviewing decision makers and thought leaders. And she’s now doing it from Hobart.

by Hobart Magazine17 February
Debut Collection on the National Stage for Bliss

For fashion designer Victoria Bliss, the opportunity to recently dress Australian of the Year Grace Tame came from a place of respect and emotion. Her new debut collection gives a nod to her Hobart childhood and her current hometown, Melbourne.

by Zilla Gordon10 February
Hobart Homes: Signalman’s Quarters

Take a look inside this family home that was once part of networks of buildings used to communicate with ships more than 150 years ago.

by Agnes Frith10 February
New Dementia Cafe Opens in Glenorchy

Agnes Frith opened the Golden Wattle Cafe to give people with dementia and their caregivers a safe and non-judgemental space where they can socialise and interact with each other and members of the community in a relaxed environment. Here she shares her story.

by Bonnie Mary Liston21 February
Matthew Brady: The Gentleman Thief

Before Ned Kelly cut a blazing trail through Australia’s collective imaginations, Tasmania had its own dashing bushranger who captured the hearts, and inevitably, material possessions of its populace.

by Zilla Gordon10 February
Life’s a Ball: How Tassie Pioneered LGBTQI+ Rights

‘We’re reclaiming a space that was full of hatred, a place of oppression’:how drag queen bingo is delighting Hobart audiences.

by Zilla Gordon10 February
How to Cover Maria Island in Under Seven Hours

When you’re hiking in Tasmania, it’s normally a push to the peak. But Maria Island is different.

by Stephanie Williams10 February
Tried Uyghur Cusine? You Can Now in Hobart!

You never know when you’re going to have your culinary world expanded and for me recently it was in the back on an Uber.

by Zilla Gordon9 February
What’s in Your Bin: How to Cut Down Your Household Waste

What would you buy from a tip shop? While Hobart is working hard to reduce its waste, we can still do more to cut down.

by Bonnie Mary Liston9 February
A Minute with The Slag Queens

The Slag Queens were once described as the Worst Band in Launceston’ but now having won the 2020 National Live Music Award ‘Tasmanian Live Act of the Year’ and performing at MONA FOMA for the fourth year in a row, they’re feeling pretty good.

by Annia Baron10 February
How to Navigate a Career Change During a Pandemic (or any other time)

“So, what do you do with yourself?” Ah, the standard nice-to- meet-you-question that highlights how so many of us have our identity wrapped up in what we do for work, where we do it, and who we do it with. But how can we not?

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Local Lady Florist Eliza Rogers

Eliza Rogers is a florist with a love for using local and foraged flowers and weeds for weddings and installations.

by Stephanie Williams10 February
Richie Porte Back in the Saddle

With a Tour de France podium finish now under his belt, Stephanie Williams caught up with cyclist Richie Porte on his return to Tasmania. On a winning streak, he also recently held his crown as king of Willunga Hill at the Tour Down Under.

by Stephanie Williams9 February
How Sam Elsom’s Seaweed Start Up Is Fighting Climate Change

With an established career in the fashion industry, Sam Elsom didn’t expect a conference call with climate scientist Tim Flannery to result in a move to aquaculture. Sam is now cultivate ing a native Tasmanian seaweed to sequester carbon and help reduce methane emissions from Australia’s meat, wool and dairy industries.

by Hobart Magazine9 February
Things to do in Hobart This Month

As we’re now entering the last month of Hobart’s short summer season, we’ve done all the research and have a choice list of events to help you make the most of the sunshine.

by Stephanie Williams8 February
Listen Up! Our New Podcast Launches

This January marked eight years since Mitch McPherson lost his little brother, Ty, to suicide. Through his grief, he started SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY with one very small but very significant action, a bumper sticker.

by Hobart Magazine21 February
What’s On In February 2021
by Bonnie Mary Liston1 May
Local Lad Darran Petty

After a rough childhood that included periods of homelessness, Darran Petty turned his life around through the power of bodybuilding. He now owns and operates his own martial arts studio in Hobart, as well as running a podcast and starting a filmmaking company.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 December
Tassie Lad in League For Top Surfing Prize

Tasmanian surfer, Sam Lennox may be on the brink of winning $30,000 after a video of him riding a gargantuan wave at Shipstern Bluff has progressed to the finals of an online competition.

by Stephanie Williams1 December
Hobart Homes: Casa Acton

What do you get when you combine an architect, a bush block and a budget of $275,000? Casa Acton is a moveable 53sqm bush dwelling in Tasmania designed and built by Josh FitzGerald (a founding director of Archier) along with his partner Millie Ashton.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 December
Itching For Some Twitching

Birds like Tasmania. Firstly it’s an island, which birds like in general because they can flaunt their ability to come and go as they please to those dumb landlocked mammals. Secondly we’ve got a lush, sexy, biosphere with grassy moorlands, coastal heaths, temperate rainforests and eucalyptus bush, all in one conveniently compact package.

by Zilla Gordon1 December
Put Your Best Foot Forward: How to Hike

It isn’t always as easy as it looks on the ‘gram. Here’s your guide to hiking Tasmania’s photogenic tracks.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 December
Robbie Arnott’s Novel Approach

Robbie Arnott is a Tasmanian writer whose novels – Flames (2018) and The Rain Heron (2020) have received great acclaim locally and internationally. He’s the inaugural recipient of the University of Tasmania’s Hedberg Writer-in-Residence Program, which includes a stipend of $30,000, allowing him to take a sabbatical from his work as an advertising copywriter to focus on his third novel.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
Tassie Chefs Share Their Ultimate Christmas Kitchen Secrets

Festive season entertaining got you frazzled? We’ve got you covered.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
BONUS Christmas Recipes

A few extra festive recipes from some of Tassie’s top foodies to get you hungry this Christmas.

by Zilla Gordon1 December
The Tragic First And Last Go-As-You-Please Race

Mark Richards and George Radford took their mark for a race in Hobart, but they didn’t know they’d never make it to the finish line.

by Zilla Gordon1 December
Distillers Diversify to Conquer Covid

The green fairy has left bohemian Paris and come to Hobart.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 December
Two Hands On Deck For Sydney To Hobart

With over 100 boats registered to compete, the 2020 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is set to be one of the biggest events held anywhere in Australia in the post-lockdown era.

by Bonnie Mary Liston8 December
Wet and Wild Active Summer Adventures

Tasmanians have always been keen on boats, understandably as an island girt by sea and, accordingly, many glorious beaches. Hobart already has a high rate of boat licence holders and that number is set to increase with Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) reporting boat training bookings are up two-and-a-half times on previous summers.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 April
Why History May Not Be Kind To William Crowther

Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 

by Annia Baron8 December
No Mud No Lotus

For an iconic flower, such as the Tasmanian Waratah, to bloom into its fullest potential, it must first go through a period of severe discomfort. To germinate, the seed must break through its hard exterior, spend time in the cold, wet dirt, and navigate through darkness before it can feel the warmth of the sun. Only then, does this special native brighten our wild landscape. Only then, we are gifted with its captivating beauty.

by Stephanie Williams1 December
Rock And Vietnamese Roll

There’s quite a bit of choice when it comes to Vietnamese food in Hobart, especially with the staple banh mi bread roll.

by Hobart Magazine1 December
Hobart Happenings Dec 20/Jan 21

Find out the latest community news and ideas from around Hobart in December and January.

by Zilla Gordon8 December
Did You Know Police Uniforms Are Hand Stitched In Hobart’s CBD?

These women have been suiting up Tasmania’s front-line workers for more than 30 years. 

by Stephanie Williams7 December
Grace Tame: Australian of the Year 2021

As a passionate advocate for sexual assault, Grace is a leader of positive change committed to breaking the cycle of abuse. She’s also a self-described adventurer and a lover of life – who can’t leave home without her Akubra.

by Stephanie Williams1 December
Hobart Schools Stretched: South Hobart Library To Close

Inner city Hobart schools are reaching capacity and students are beginning to lose access to vital educational tools. The South Hobart Primary School recently lost its library, after it was closed to be repurposed as classrooms to meet 2021 enrolment numbers.

by Hobart Magazine15 November
Hobart Happenings November 2020

Find out the latest community news and ideas from around Hobart in November.

by Bonnie Mary Liston20 November
Golden Secateurs for Bushcare Volunteer

Each year Bushcare recognises outstanding volunteers for  creating positive, inspiring and lasting contributions to the conservation of Hobart’s bushland reserves with the Golden Secateurs Award. This year’s recipient was Namkheang (Bryan) Ly, a Cambodian born Hobart resident studying Communications Technology at the University of Tasmania.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 April
Did You Know Australia’s First Female Doctor Was Hobartian?

Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 

by Stephanie Williams11 November
I’m Dreaming Of The West Coast

“So we’re going for a drive in our house?” my six-year-old asks when I announce we’re taking a motorhome trip in the school holidays. “Kind of,” I reply. “You get to sit in the kitchen while Mum and Dad drive the whole house along.” Lots of laughter and questions flow and it’s obvious that the kids are going to love it. I’m a little apprehensive, I’ll be honest. The practical side of eating, driving, sleeping presents more questions than answers, but in this weird year I’ve learnt that you just have to go with it.

by Stephanie Williams11 November
Looking For Some Paid Salvation?

Hobart band, A. Swayze & the Ghosts recently released their debut full-length album. Lead vocalist Andrew Swayze steps us through releasing a new album amid a pandemic.

by Stephanie Williams11 November
Hobart Homes: Lower Jordan Hill Road, West Hobart

A traditional Federation villa on Lower Jordan Road in West Hobart has had a beautiful facelift, conceived by Hobart-based architecture firm Taylor and Hinds.

by Stephanie Williams11 November
Actor Marta Dusseldorp On Covid And Comebacks

Having graced Australian stages and screens for thirty years, Marta Dusseldorp is set to star in The Bleeding Tree by Angus Cerini at Hobart’s historic Theatre Royal.

by Bonnie Mary Liston11 November
Tasmania’s Next Top Predators

With Summer on the way, it’s time to plan your next adventure in the great outdoors. It pays to remember that while nature may be healing to the soul, it is capable of being dangerous to the body. To totally freak you out, let’s have a good look at five of the most dangerous predators you may encounter in Tasmania this summer.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
Dāna Eating House

Setting up shop during a pandemic was a risky move, but if the crowd at Dāna Eating House (Dāna) on a Friday night is anything to go by, it’s one that’s paid off. With tables of diners chatting and laughing over drinks, the music and conversation buzzes off the monstera-leaf-green walls. Low-hanging rattan lights and worn wooden floorboards give the newly opened South-East Asian fusion venue in Hobart’s CBD a relaxed vibe.

by Sarah Ugazio11 November
Madame Saisons: Post-Pandemic Party Preppers

As we emerge from the cold we’re certainly ready for more get togethers. However, while we can all be grateful for Mother Nature hitting the ‘Defrost’ button, we may not have the same spring in our step coming out of our caves this year. Lockdown in late summer through autumn, followed by winter’s frosty hiatus, may have left our social skills rather scant.

by Benedict Freudenmann1 March
How To Safely Exercise Your Gut

Although stretching your gut to make room for that last slice of pizza could technically be construed as an exercise, it’s unfortunately not what I’m here to talk about today. I’m talking about the impact of physical exercise on your gut health.

by Bonnie Mary Liston11 November
Boom Time For E-Bikes in Hobart

Australia has seen a bicycle boom during COVID-19 with many stores struggling to keep up with the increased demand. People have turned, in huge numbers, to the humble bicycle as a source of socially distanced exercise and as a primary mode of transport now that public transport is a bit too public for many people’s taste.

by Stephanie Williams11 August
Engineering New Winemaking in the Coal River Valley

Anh Nguyen followed her life purpose to switch from being an engineering academic to a biodynamic winemaker in the Coal River Valley. But, after winning a major agriculture award for innovation, Anh is bringing her past experience into her new direction.

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Hobart Artist Zoe Fitzherbert

Artist Zoe Fitzherbert made the transition from architecture to art in her late 20’s and hasn’t looked back.

by Bonnie Mary Liston1 July
John Franklin – Hero or Hard-Doer?

John Franklin was the Lieutenant Governor of Tasmania from 1837 to 1843. Many things around Tasmania are named after him, or his impressive wife, Lady Jane Franklin. In Franklin Square he is depicted in statue, towering over the park on a plinth inscribed with his epitaph, composed by Lord Alfred Tennyson;

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Bondi Rescue’s Joel Bevilacqua

Joel Bevilacqua is as comfortable with words as he is with the waves. Having grown up on the beaches in Tassie, he now saves lives at busy Bondi Beach.

by Annia Baron1 November
Let’s Talk About Sex…

Finding yourself fantasising about your colleague even though you can’t stand them most of the time? Faked your orgasm and feel terrible about lying when your partner asked about it? What about your new lover informing you they’ve contracted genital herpes?

by Bonnie Mary Liston4 August
Saroo and Sue Brierley: Taking Pride In New Lion Works

When Saroo Brierley was only five years old, he got lost on a train in India and separated from his family. From the streets of Calcutta he was adopted by a Tasmanian family.

by Hobart Magazine1 April
Hobart Happenings September 2020

Find out the latest community news and ideas from around Hobart in September.

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Hamlet Cafe’s Emily Briffa

Hamlet Cafe has been part of the Hobart hospo landscape since February 2016 and delivers targeted training and work readiness skills in order to tackle the barriers which prevent disadvantaged Tasmanians from participating in work and community life. Since then, founder Emily Briffa has helped to provide over 22,000 hours of work experience to over 260 Tasmanians.

by Stephanie Williams4 August
How Boxing Became Luke Jackson’s Lifeline
After turning to boxing at 18 to escape a tough childhood, Luke Jackson has become one of Australia’s best boxers. He recently completed the 5-5-75 running challenge, raising funds for LIVIN, a charity that aims to break the stigma of mental health.
by Stephanie Williams4 August
Bridgewater Jerry: The Elusive Weather Phenomenon
Here’s what we know about old mate Jerry. Like a black-clad Melbourne art lover, he loves to visit Hobart in winter. Around Bridgewater is his stomping ground and cold mornings don’t deter him, in fact he favours them.
by Stephanie Williams11 August
Why Do City Lights And Stars Twinkle?

Bums on aeroplane seats is one thing, but attracting a legion of people who will enhance life on the island will ensure long term prosperity.

by Sarah Ugazio1 August
Madame Saisons: Spice It Up

Making the most of abundant seasonal produce has never been more timely (excuse the pun).

by Stephanie Williams11 August
When Science And Art Collide

With so many festivals not going ahead right now, Dr Margo Adler from Beaker Street shares how they’re filling the festival void.

by Stephanie Williams11 August
Designing For Dementia: Korongee Village Opens in Glenorchy

Hobart architect Stephen Geason of Cykel Architecture was engaged by international firm ThomsonAdsett to collaborate on the new Korongee Dementia Village.

by Stephanie Williams11 August
Is Interstate Migration The Key To Tassie’s Covid-19 Recovery?

Bums on aeroplane seats is one thing, but attracting a legion of people who will enhance life on the island will ensure long term prosperity.

by Stephanie Williams11 August
Why are people throwing their bras at Sue Hickey this winter?

Hobart would have to be one of the toughest places to be homeless in winter. While there are some organisations like Bethlehem House and the Hobart City Mission who are doing great work, there are still too many people slipping through the net.

Cold Water Wake Up Call
It seems everywhere I turn someone is talking about or participating in cold water swimming right now.
A Short Geelong Getaway
Since the Spirit of Tasmania terminal moved from Melbourne to Geelong late last year, a visit to Geelong has been on the radar.
27 Hobart Friends Get Snipping For One Off Wine
The borders were declared shut in Tasmania on the 30th of March, 2020; the first stare to do so amid the COVID- 19 pandemic and hard lockdown of Hobart followed.
Danphe Nepalese and Indian Food + Peppermint Bay Bar and Bistro
Nepalese food is a comfort in our house. Having spent much time trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal as a younger man, Nepalese food is something I always love to go back to.
That’s DR Hannah Gadsby To You
From Smithton to Netflix and the Emmys stage, Tasmanian stand up comic Hannah Gadsby has forged an unlikely path. Following on from the massive success of her shows Nanette and Douglas, Hannah brings her new show Body of Work to Hobart this month.
PODCAST: Incat founder Robert Clifford on why electric boats are the future
Robert Clifford is the founder of Incat, a Hobart company building fast ferries for the world. Always looking to future opportunities, he has identified where Hobart sits in the next wave of transportation. For more of this interview listen to The Hobart Magazine podcast.
Is Tourism Ready For More Forestry Wars?
Tasmanian forests are special. They’re home to centuries-old trees, including the tallest flowering trees on the planet, and support unique native species. Yet not everyone agrees on how these forests should be managed.
Hobart Chefs: When The Obsession Becomes Real
Tasmania’s brand as a foodie haven is cemented. But within the local hospitality industry there are those who love to use local produce...and those who are next-level obsessed with it. We spoke to a bunch of Hobart chefs who are top of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with local farmers and growers.
Did You Know Australia’s First Female Doctor Was Hobartian?
Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 
Return Travellers Adding Pressure to Hobart Housing
For all of us 2020 was a year like no other, punctuated by rapid change and plenty of new challenges. For vulnerable people in Tasmania, including people facing homelessness, those on low incomes and those facing increasingly higher rents, it was very challenging. We are seeing a growing demand for homes in Tassie from international travellers returning home, people moving for work and others seeking the lifestyle that our Apple Isle has to offer.
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Thank you to Luke Brokensha for mobilising his friends and local residents recently to host two rubbish clean ups along the Hobart Rivulet after heavy rains.
The warm weather returns...hello summer.
Need a laugh? Check out @theinspiredunemployed feed on Instagram.
Moto Vecchia Cafe in Bellerive and Czegs Cafe in Richmond have joined the Clarence City Council dementia program, creating dementia-friendly spaces for all patrons.
It’s hard to believe it’s not standard practice to have a working phone in every aged care room - shared phones make private conversations impossible and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.
Tacks on the tracks. Mountain bikers beware of tacks being left on certain tracks on the mountain.
Just when you think your cousins are alright. NZ Opposition Leader Judith Collins took aim at Tassie during her recent (unsuccessful) campaign, calling us Australia’s “poor cousin.” She also seems worried about us nabbing tech businesses, “It’s a lovely part of the world but do you necessarily want to go there with your high- tech business? Possibly not,” she said. We beg to differ!