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Local Lad/Lady

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Narendra Shetty

Inspired by world-renowned Michelin star chefs and determined to follow in their footsteps, Aura Hobart sous chef, Narendra Shetty is committed to showcasing the very best of Tasmania on a plate.

by Peta Hen22 May
Dr Martin George

When looking at the stars at night, it’s hard not to think about the hidden secrets of the universe and the origin of existence. For Dr Martin George, astronomer and head of Hive Planetarium in Ulverstone, it’s his job to find out.

by Peta Hen22 May
LOCAL PERSON: Mariangela Parodi

Mariangela Parodi, an alchemist, natur­opath and spiritual healer, helps people, especially women, find themselves after challenging life events; a theme that inspired her new, international best-selling book.

by Peta Hen22 May
LOCAL PERSON: Diane Reynoldson

Working with people serving time in prison takes compassion, understanding and a big heart. Occupational ther­apist and art therapy teacher, Diane Reynoldson, has these assets and more, helping inmates make positive change through art. We spoke with Di about her work for the Prison Fellowship and the upcoming art exhibition, Art from the Inside.

by Peta Hen22 May

Capturing breathtaking scenes from the skies above Hobart, Craig Garth shares how he turned his passion for drone piloting and photography into his full time career.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
LOCAL PERSON: Dr Sherbet (Aka Claire Dawson)

For sick kids in hospital, putting smiles on their faces can be as valuable as medicine. For Dr Sherbet – aka Claire Dawson – it’s her vocation. We spoke with the Hobart Clown Doctor about her role in helping kids at the Royal get on the road to recovery.

by Stephanie Williams22 May

From humble northern suburb beginnings to on stage in the renowned First Nations musical, The Sunshine Club, Naarah has taken the Australian performing arts world by storm.

by Peta Hen22 May

Running a marathon is one thing, however running the distance of two Mount Everest climbs in a single week is another thing! We caught up with ultra-marathon runner and founder of Run for Mental Health, Ben Hirst, to speak about his upcoming Double Everest Challenge.

by Stephanie Williams22 May

His work life revolves around cars, but Audi Service Manager Ken Kerr loves nothing more than family time and Playstation in his downtime.

by Peta Hen22 May
LOCAL PERSON: Eri Mullooli-Hill Konishi

After a jam-packed last few years performing with Second Echo Ensemble, we found out what’s next for artist, performer and Dance Movement Psychotherapist Eri Mullooly-Hill Konishi.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Bridget, Lilly and Florence Cousens

This mother and daughter singing trio are set to appear in the upcoming production, Women of Troy.

by Serena Hodge, Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)22 May
Do You Need Good Mood Food?

If a friend came to you in the woes of a mental health slump asking for advice on how to manage it, what would you tell them?

by Stephanie Williams22 May
First Time Director Debuts in Hobart with the Beauty Project

Tasmania’s award-winning performance company Second Echo Ensemble (SEE) premieres a show this month, called The BEAUTY Project. Led by Elise Romaszko in her directorial debut, The BEAUTY Project is a pop-up catwalk performance that asks, ‘what is normal?’, ‘what is beautiful?’ Dedicated to reflecting the diverse world we live in, The BEAUTY Project celebrates difference, champions equity, and confronts our assumptions.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Taste of Malaysia & Bangkok City Thai Street Food

As a lover of char kway teow, the smoky and savoury rice noodle dish from Malaysia, I’m always keen to try new places that serve it.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Elliott Nimmo

Landscape artist and creative Elliott Nimmo is enjoying discovering Hobart’s vibrant art scene and local environment after relocating here from London to pursue his art.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Is Youth Crime in Hobart on the Rise?

If you’ve read media reports lately, there seems to be a rise in youth crime, particularly youth knife crime, in Hobart right now. We spoke to David Higgins, CEO of Crimestoppers for his take on the current situation.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Could Empty Hobart Properties be the Solution to Easing the Housing Crisis?

As principal solicitor with Tenants Union of Tasmania, Ben Bartl works closely with people living with housing stress. The Union, supported by 12 local community organisations, is calling on the Tasmanian government to maximise the use of existing residential premises in inner-city municipalities to help address the current shortage of appropriate and affordable housing.

by Ollie Benson, Sprout Tasmania22 May
Hot Potatoes

Tasmanians are known for their love of the humble spud, and this year at Springdale Farm they are embracing the rainbow.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Three C’s: Claire Crochets Cacti

Claire is a self taught crochet artist, creating super cute cacti that she sells around Hobart.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Dementia in Tasmania: The Island Resilience Initiative

While physical trauma presents a tangible effect on the body, mental trauma is a harder to observe. In a worldwide first the effect of trauma on the brain is being tracked by seven Tasmanian researchers from the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre in a statewide population study. With a focus on which trauma exposures (such as bushfires and lockdowns) may lead to increased risk of a dementia diagnosis, The Island Study Linking Ageing and Neurodegenerative Disease (ISLAND) Project is hoping to unearth how Tasmanians and the world can build a resilience to a dementia diag­nosis. We spoke to PHD candidate James Brady about the work.

by Lily Whiting22 May
How Smoke Affects the Brain

Dr Sharon Campbell is one of the researchers of the ISLAND Project with an area of interest being the effect of smoke on the brain.

by Peter Carey22 May
The History of Women in Policing

The recent appointment of Donna Adams as Tasmania’s first female police com­missioner is testimony to our progressive maturity towards gender equality in high levels of governance.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Frances Donaldson

Dr Frances Donaldson is the Tasmanian Senior Australian of the Year for 2023, after a rewarding 64 years of working in the Tasmanian healthcare system. From a junior nurse to studying medicine, 12 years in prison health and now leading the COVID@home service, those scrubs aren’t getting hung up anytime soon.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Jeff Vaughan

Jeff Vaughan has bounced between state and national level cricket coaching in the past couple of years but as of April, his stumps were firmly in Tasmanian soil for the foreseeable future.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Elysia Hodge

After seven years in Melbourne, nurse Elysia has returned to open her own cosmetic and skin practice.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Tom McCallum

Young Hobart AFL defender Tom McCallum was recently drafted to play with Port Adelaide Football Club and is looking forward to new sights as he moves away from his beloved Tasmanian AFL team mates, friends and family.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Kat Edwards

23-year-old Hobart musician Kat Edwards may have been born in the back of a car in Canberra, but she quickly came to know Hobart as home. Whilst her music career has taken her off the island to Melbourne for now, she’s stoked to be coming home this summer.

by Alison Boleyn22 May
Raising Teenagers

Clinical psychologist Dr David Bakker suggests how parents can support their kids through the challenging teenage years (and it’s not by fixing their problems).

by Lily Whiting22 May
The Piano Man Building Futures for Migrant Workers in Hobart

Worker shortage is currently universal, there isn’t an industry that’s exempt. For Kelvin Smith, four years ago he decided there was a very obvious solution to the shortage facing the construction industry, and all that was needed was a little time, empathy and a helping hand. Integrate Workforce is a Hobart-based labour company with one requirement: a refugee/ migrant background. He’s also the outdoor piano man in his free time.

by Annia Baron22 May
Speak Your Truth

The feeling can be crushing. That sudden, stinging sadness that engulfs your heart and reverberates through your chest to the pit of your stomach.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Beating Blood (Y) Cancer: Josh Gourlay

A lot can happen in eighteen months. Josh Gourlay became one of 53 Australians diagnosed with blood cancer last year, but thankfully one who can say it’s been and gone, and the other side is looking far sunnier.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Pharmacist Claire Sutton

The Pharmacy profession has been the frontline of the pandemic response and Bellerive Quay Pharmacy’s Claire Sutton has also Jaced some extra challenges in the past year.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Doctor and Musician Sam Hunn

Sam is one member of Hobart band, Verticoli, who launch a new album this month. He’ also a doctor and the self-proclaimed nagger of the band!

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Tassie Cricket Legend David Boon

David Boon is one of Tasmania’ best ever cricketers and was recently named the new chair of Cricket Tasmania, a role he is taking on with enthusiasm. A family man, he 8 reveling in being a grandparent and getting out in the garden and golf course.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Cannon-Brookes Invests Heavily in Tassie Start Up

Boundless Earth, the philanthropic venture backed by Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes has invested $10 million in Tasmanian business, The Good Car Company, Australia’s largest importer of second-hand EVs

by Lily Whiting22 May
Kicking Ageism to the Curb

As a hairdresser for over 30 years and owner of her own salon, you can bet Ally Nischler has had many different conversations over the years with a broad range of clients. It wasn’t until this year that she recognised how feeling invisible, ignored and undervalued was so common in her mature clients. So she decided to do something about it.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Surfboards with a Seaweed Difference

Like most genius ideas, seaweed scientist Jock White and a builder/surfboard shaper Tom Gauden came up with their soon to be launched brand, Great Southern Designs over a beer.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Wild Idea for Week of Running

Wilderness guide Piotr Babis is about to embark on a week of running…if that doesn’t sound newsworthy, then read on. He completing one Tassie multi day walk each day, for seven days!

by Lily Whiting22 May
Cricketer Elyse Villani

Recently lured to Hobart by the Tasmanian Tigers, Elyse Villani is a talented new cricket local, bringing strong hope for a win this upcoming WBBL season.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Tom Cheesman

Mountain biker Tom Cheesman is set to compete in his first world championships this month in Les Gets, France, and gave us the lowdown on this awesome step in his career before he left.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Jane Longhurst’s new role

With a job description of “getting paid to talk” you may have heard Jane Longhurst’s voice on the stage, the airways, the screen and even on hold.

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Pete Mattila

A passionate blacksmith, artist and sculptor by trade, Pete Mattila uses inno­vative methods to breathe new life into an age-old artform. His custom architectural and sculptural metal work is sought after for public and private commissions.

by Lily Whiting22 May
Call Out: Donate Yourself

Every year in every country 13 August is dedicated to raising awareness about signing up as an organ donor. In 2021, 1,174 Aussie lives were saved through organ transplants from the generosity of 421 deceased organ donors and their families. We spoke to Medical Director for DonateLife Tasmania, Andrew Turner about the donation process locally for Tasmanians.

by Lilian Koch1 May
Jennifer Anne Cullen

For 43 years Jen has taught children around Tasmania from kindergarten up to grade ten. In 2021 she published her picture book Listening to Tree, which aims to teach children about the many ecosystem processes trees perform, with the overarching message that humans and trees are co-dependent.

by Stephanie Williams & Lilian Koch1 May
Illustrator Suzanne White’s New Hobart Map

For 43 years Jen has taught children around Tasmania from kindergarten up to grade ten. In 2021 she published her picture book Listening to Tree, which aims to teach children about the many ecosystem processes trees perform, with the overarching message that humans and trees are co-dependent.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Artist Joshua Andree

Painting dramatic scenes of oceanic land­scapes and sky, Joshua Andree opens up his new exhibition titled Water in the Sky, showcasing the intense wildness of the South East in stunning oil paintings.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Jack Mellor

A young man with a solid throw on him, 18 year old Hobart discus athlete Jack Mellor has just been selected in the Australian Athletics team for the very first time.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Kate Field

A specialist at the Royal Hobart Hospital, a goat farmer and a Mum, Kate Field now adds skin care to her list!

by The Hobart Magazine1 May
Influencer Katie Parrott

Katie Parrott is a Hobart-based plus size fashion influencer and model. She’s freshly back from her very first stint at Australian Fashion Week where she took part in the event’s first ever size-inclusive runway show. Katie spoke to The Hobart Magazine just after the trip, and told us that whilst the fashion world is waking up and noticing people outside of the standard sizing range, there are still many difficulties in being a size 24… and what she just adores about Hobart.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Bernadette Black

Raising little ones is one of the hardest, yet rewarding jobs in the world. Knowing first-hand the stigma that comes with being a young mum, alongside the need for more help and support that ever, Bernadette went on to found Brave Foundation, a not-for-profit charity.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Josh Miller

Clinician Leader and Exercise Physiologist, Josh Miller has been in Hobart almost long enough to call himself a local.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Ben Brown

Growing up playing Australian Rules football in Tasmania held Ben Brown in good stead for when he hit his strides and joined the AFL competition. He now works hard to use his platform to advocate for a kinder and fairer world.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
International Architect Returns to Hobart for Poetic Release

As an architect, Tim Hurburgh has worked on some incredible projects around the world. Since relocating back to Tasmania, he has turned his creative attention to poetry, releasing his first book.

by Lilian Koch1 May
More Than Just Hot Air

Sally Kennedy’s passion for bagpipes has spanned nearly five decades. She is a life member of the Hobart Highland Pipe Band and has even played at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland alongside her husband Paddy. Her generous spirit has led her to teach others how to play the bagpipes – at no cost.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Card Collector Grayson White

Grayson White turned his passion for card collecting into one of Australia’s leading collectable businesses Cherry Collectables, with a store in Melbourne and here in Hobart.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Chef Lilly Trewartha

Chef Lilly Trewartha has explored the world but loves nothing more than her home state’s produce.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Tasmanian Film Maker And Journalist, Craig Leeson

Filmmaker, journalist, television presenter and entrepreneur, Burnie-born Craig Leeson wears many hats and was recently named the Australian Tasmanian of the Year 2022. His environmental advocacy work has stretched far beyond Tasmania, but upon each return does he’s reminded just how fragile our planet is.

by Sarah Aitken1 May
Practicing Simplicity

When New South Wales woman Jodi Wilson, her partner and their four kids decided to change everything, buy a caravan and go travelling, they changed the trajectory of their lives. Their journey eventually brought them to Tasmania, and they decided not to leave!

by Lily Whiting1 May
Willing & Abel

Lewis Taylor is raising money for Tasmanians with cancer by attempting an incredible feat.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Hobart Entrepreneur Hannah Vasicek

An entrepreneur, a law grad, a mum, an advocate for women facing human traf­ficking, Hannah Vasicek doesn’t do things in halves.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Person: Jay Patey

Jay Patey is the man behind the moorish bread, flakey pastries and stellar sambos at Pigeon Whole Bakers.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Person: Felicity Bott

Felicity Bott, made the move from the “republic of Western Australia” almost a decade ago, and seeks to tell the world about Hobarts culture, history and community through the art of movement, dance and performance.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Person: Kasper Hallam

At only 19 years of age, Hobart teen Kasper Hallam is rubbing shoulders in the A-League after signing with Melbourne Victory late last year.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Person: Caleb Stuetz

If you’ve ever visited the South Hobart Pharmacy, chances are the friendly face behind the counter was owner and pharmacist Caleb Stuetz. While the hospital healthcare system has been the subject of our conversations of late, we chatted to one of our community’s quiet heroes regarding how his line of work has changed since the pandemic began.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Person: Nicole Bresnhenan

After receiving a position in the leader­ship group with North Melbourne AFLW, Nicole Bresnehan is proving to be a force to be reckoned with this this season.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Max Heerey

I am currently working as the Manager of the Grace Tame Team and am the Chief Operating Officer of the Grace Tame Foundation. My work changes quickly based on the political climate, however we mostly work to push to create struc­tural change.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Linda Higginson

After my father’s death and the birth of my daughter following a difficult pregnancy in 2014, I decided to leave the company I had served for 19 years when I didn’t feel supported by them as a new mum. I wanted to return to what was necessary for our family. I started taking photos of my children playing sport and volunteer­ing during the career break. My work was quickly recognised, and sporting organisations started using our images and digital work to publicise sport across Tasmania. Six years later, I now work for several sporting organisations and other businesses, including news outlets, to provide quality images and video. This business model provides our family with a lot of flexibility. We don’t have regular working hours, so this is especially suited to the sports and events sector.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
14 Year Old Hobart Author Debuts Novel Internationally

What were you doing when you were 14 years old? For 14 year old Eastern Shore resident Kanako Okiron, she has just released her debut novel – an exploration of life as the child of a Hollywood megastar. We caught up with Kanako recently, before she hits her own trajectory to writing stardom.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Lady Rachael Hackney

Rachael is a Guide Dog Trainer at Guide Dogs Tasmania in Hobart.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Local Lad Scott Bowden

Making his rise after a year of injury and illness, Tasmanian Scott Bowden is back on his bike and has hit his stride racing around the European countryside.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Hobart’s Jeqa Band Laying Down Tracks

Can you get more Tassie than this? Under the namesake nickname of lead singer Jess Bicanski, newcomers Jeqa are writing dreamy songs in an old apple shed in the Huon and gracing Tassie stages with self-composed tunes. A short 10 months ago, Jess, Taylor Lewincamp, Ethan MacGregor, Sam Watson, and Theo Idstrom were strangers and now they have a music filled summer ahead and plenty of exciting things in the works.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Andrew Goyen

With a demanding day job, Andrew Goyen has created a new approach for people to exercise and connect after work.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lady Kirsten Grant

Like our nanna’s, Kirsten Grant believes crafty keeps minds agile and active.

by Dawn Green, Volunteering Tasmania1 May
Drop in Junior to Senior Football Participation Spurs Action

Libby laughs when she says that Sundays are generally a write-off for her.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Hobart Adventurer Robyn Mundy

Based in Hobart for part of the year, author and adventurer Robyn Mundy lives a fascinating life of travel and exploration. Her new novel walks in the footsteps of Wanny Woldstad, a trapper and hunter from the early 1900’s.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad: Matt Breen

Chef Matt Breen has weathered the Covid storm and is now looking at his next phase as fatherhood approaches.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Rob Flehr

I run a small bookbinding studio in central Hobart, specialising in hand-bound journals and marbled paper. Sustainability is important to me, so I source my materials locally or from other small-scale producers and busi­nesses. Where possible I use recycled materials, whilst keeping to archival quality.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lady Clair Harris

Not long after arriving in Hobart I founded a children’s charity called Tassie Mums. I wanted to continue volunteering as I had done with Melbourne charity St Kilda Mums however I couldn’t find anything like the service Tassie Mums provides today and so with plastic tubs stacked in the garage and bundling on my dinning room table Tassie Mums began. My incredibly generous friend and Tassie Mums amazing Operations Manager, Madeleine has been with me on this journey from the start and I couldn’t do it without her.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Ant Edler

I am a youth worker and have run youth programs for nearly 20 years. Out of that experience I’ve founded the Tasmanian Bike Collective which uses bikes as the medium to connect, mentor and develop work skills with at risk young people.

by Kirsten Bacon1 May
Support for Expensive Cancer Test Could Reduce Need for Chemo

“Good Morning, My name is Dr Smith. I am here to tell you that you have stage two breast cancer”… And here begins a story of adventure.

by Sarah Aitken1 May
Living a Good Life in a Climate Emergency

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently presented us with a code red for humanity. It plunged some into a paralysed state of despair, whilst pushing others to action.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Tassie Paralympic Medallist – Deon Kenzie

Deon Kenzie recently smashed out his event in the Tokyo Paralympics, as one of three Tasmanian competitors.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Hobart Cricket Statistician Ric Finlay

Did you know that one of Australia’s most sought after cricket statisticians lives here in Hobart? This summer, listen for the voice of Ric Finlay over the airwaves, contributing facts and stats he’s gathered since the 1980s, stored in the database he built. He has also amassed an extensive collection of cricket books and almanacs, including not one but two full collections of Wisden Cricket Almanacs, dating back to 1864.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Actor, Campaigner, Explorer Essie Davis

Our geography seeps into our being. It can take grit to withstand chilling winters and stinging rain, isolated (even more so now) from some things that people interstate and overseas may take for granted. But people from Hobart have a certain way about them that can be both grounded and in flight at the same time.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Will Parsell

Will Parsell is from a musical family in Hobart and trained at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music. Will is one of the primary musicians at Inscape Tasmania, a program that offers music and art to patients in a hospital setting.

by Dawn Green, Volunteering Tasmania1 May
Obsa and Ahmed

The Give Back program – how two Hobart teens are challenging stereotypes and leading the way.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad John Churchill

As executive chef of The Deck and core restaurant and bar, John Churchill believes sustainability starts with teaching apprentices well.

by Steve Madgwick1 May
Survival Instincts Save Lives on the Franklin River

Luckily, Franzi Eichler uses her full-beast-mode only for the forces of good.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Sarah Andrews The Self Styler

Sarah Andrews has built a small empire out of a humble Strahan shack, then creating her own styling school to help others do the same. She spoke with Sarah Aitken about her self-made successes and her love of Tasmania.

by Sarah Aitken1 May
That’s DR Hannah Gadsby To You

From Smithton to Netflix and the Emmys stage, Tasmanian stand up comic Hannah Gadsby has forged an unlikely path. Following on from the massive success of her shows Nanette and Douglas, Hannah brings her new show Body of Work to Hobart this month.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad School Principal Craig Deayton

As the principal of Guilford Young College, Craig Deayton finds joy in helping young Tasmanians achieve their dreams…and a good cycle after work.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
PODCAST: Incat founder Robert Clifford on why electric boats are the future

Robert Clifford is the founder of Incat, a Hobart company building fast ferries for the world. Always looking to future opportunities, he has identified where Hobart sits in the next wave of transportation. For more of this interview listen to The Hobart Magazine podcast.

by Sarah Aitken1 May
Swimming Through the Depths of Winter

Ocean swimming in a Tasmanian winter is not for the faint-hearted. Yet there are a growing number of us doing it – sparked in part by pool closures during last year’s Covid restrictions.

by Sarah Aitkin1 May
A New Voice at Dark Mofo: Making Space for Aboriginal Representation

Tasmanian Aboriginal artist Caleb Nichols-Mansell has had a huge first half of the year. In March, he opened Tasmania’s first dedicated palawa arts and cultural hub – Blackspace Creative in pataway/Burnie.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Tasmanian Olympic Kayaker Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins is one to watch. Bursting onto the senior scene only two years ago, the 25 year old is only just getting started, in a sport that values a bit of age under the belt.

by James Marten1 May
Matt Bevilacqua Finally Nabs Elusive Board Victory

Ironman Matt Bevilacqua added an extra special award to his trophy cabinet recently, becoming the Australian Board Race champion for the first time, despite being the world champ in the event five times over!

by Zilla Gordon1 May
Local Lad Blair Ashwood

Blair Ashwood is a professional dancer and dance teacher from Bellerive.

by Stephanie Williams9 March
Gemstones Are The Opal Of Luke Eliasz’ Eye

What happens when street art and opals combine? Jeweller Luke Eliasz is there for it.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Local Lad Marcus Enno AKA Beardy McBeard

Beardy McBeard is a Hobart-based photographer who has travelled the world shooting all the big races.

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Local Lady Florist Eliza Rogers

Eliza Rogers is a florist with a love for using local and foraged flowers and weeds for weddings and installations.

Cold Water Wake Up Call
It seems everywhere I turn someone is talking about or participating in cold water swimming right now.
A Short Geelong Getaway
Since the Spirit of Tasmania terminal moved from Melbourne to Geelong late last year, a visit to Geelong has been on the radar.
27 Hobart Friends Get Snipping For One Off Wine
The borders were declared shut in Tasmania on the 30th of March, 2020; the first stare to do so amid the COVID- 19 pandemic and hard lockdown of Hobart followed.
Danphe Nepalese and Indian Food + Peppermint Bay Bar and Bistro
Nepalese food is a comfort in our house. Having spent much time trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal as a younger man, Nepalese food is something I always love to go back to.
That’s DR Hannah Gadsby To You
From Smithton to Netflix and the Emmys stage, Tasmanian stand up comic Hannah Gadsby has forged an unlikely path. Following on from the massive success of her shows Nanette and Douglas, Hannah brings her new show Body of Work to Hobart this month.
PODCAST: Incat founder Robert Clifford on why electric boats are the future
Robert Clifford is the founder of Incat, a Hobart company building fast ferries for the world. Always looking to future opportunities, he has identified where Hobart sits in the next wave of transportation. For more of this interview listen to The Hobart Magazine podcast.
Is Tourism Ready For More Forestry Wars?
Tasmanian forests are special. They’re home to centuries-old trees, including the tallest flowering trees on the planet, and support unique native species. Yet not everyone agrees on how these forests should be managed.
Hobart Chefs: When The Obsession Becomes Real
Tasmania’s brand as a foodie haven is cemented. But within the local hospitality industry there are those who love to use local produce...and those who are next-level obsessed with it. We spoke to a bunch of Hobart chefs who are top of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with local farmers and growers.
Did You Know Australia’s First Female Doctor Was Hobartian?
Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 
Return Travellers Adding Pressure to Hobart Housing
For all of us 2020 was a year like no other, punctuated by rapid change and plenty of new challenges. For vulnerable people in Tasmania, including people facing homelessness, those on low incomes and those facing increasingly higher rents, it was very challenging. We are seeing a growing demand for homes in Tassie from international travellers returning home, people moving for work and others seeking the lifestyle that our Apple Isle has to offer.
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Thank you to Luke Brokensha for mobilising his friends and local residents recently to host two rubbish clean ups along the Hobart Rivulet after heavy rains.
The warm weather returns...hello summer.
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Moto Vecchia Cafe in Bellerive and Czegs Cafe in Richmond have joined the Clarence City Council dementia program, creating dementia-friendly spaces for all patrons.
It’s hard to believe it’s not standard practice to have a working phone in every aged care room - shared phones make private conversations impossible and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.
Tacks on the tracks. Mountain bikers beware of tacks being left on certain tracks on the mountain.
Just when you think your cousins are alright. NZ Opposition Leader Judith Collins took aim at Tassie during her recent (unsuccessful) campaign, calling us Australia’s “poor cousin.” She also seems worried about us nabbing tech businesses, “It’s a lovely part of the world but do you necessarily want to go there with your high- tech business? Possibly not,” she said. We beg to differ!