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by Annia Baron1 March
Everything is F**ked

We live in a world where everything is so messed up and upside down, sometimes I wonder how we get through each day.

by Annia Baron1 March
Stop Comparing. Start Celebrating.

How to genuinely celebrate other people’s wins.

by Annia Baron1 March
The Power of Your Own Voice

I was 19 when my dad died. After some months passed, I put on a CD he had made and hearing his voice again, I fell apart. The sound of him singing did something to me and to this day, when I play his songs, it creates an experience more powerful than looking at pictures of his face.

by Annia Baron1 March
Want an Invite to the Dopamine Party?

Imagine getting everything you ever wanted, anytime you wanted it – instantly. How amazing would that be? Keen on a successful career? No need to climb the ladder, you’re handed the keys to the executive office. A desire to travel the world again? “Welcome aboard.” Suddenly you’re greeted at the terminal with a glass of champagne. Seeking the man or woman of your dreams? Well don’t you worry, they’re waiting for you right behind door number one. House, car, money, possessions, weight loss, entertainment? Whatever you want, it’s yours the moment you want it. No need to work for it. No need to try. Your reward is more instant than downloading an app.

by Annia Baron1 March
Recharging Your AAA Batteries

You don’t need a psychologist to tell you that your nervous system is one of the most extraordinarily complex, sensitive, and intelligent structures in the Universe.

by Annia Baron8 December
No Mud No Lotus

For an iconic flower, such as the Tasmanian Waratah, to bloom into its fullest potential, it must first go through a period of severe discomfort. To germinate, the seed must break through its hard exterior, spend time in the cold, wet dirt, and navigate through darkness before it can feel the warmth of the sun. Only then, does this special native brighten our wild landscape. Only then, we are gifted with its captivating beauty.

by Annia Baron1 November
Let’s Talk About Sex…

Finding yourself fantasising about your colleague even though you can’t stand them most of the time? Faked your orgasm and feel terrible about lying when your partner asked about it? What about your new lover informing you they’ve contracted genital herpes?

by Darren and Jeanette Radley1 May
The Region: Exploring Sexual Boundaries Safely

It’s another typical evening after work, sitting on the couch together recovering from an exhausting day, Jeanette on her phone, Darren watching something fluffy on the box. Jeanette suddenly blurts out, “This is really hard to say, but I think I’d like to try digital stimulation in the you know where region”.

by Darren and Jeanette Radley1 May
The Change

Climate change are two words very familiar in our conversations and language now. Once occasional sound bites in the media decades ago, the 21st century has seen an ever increasing awareness and public opinion focused on the subject.

by Genevieve Morton1 May
Overwhelm – Work Life Overload

It’s time to slash your ‘to do’ list and switch off your screens. The state of ‘overwhelm’ is increasingly highlighted by wellness practitioners as the inability to think clearly and emotionally manage all the tasks we’ve set for ourselves.

by Darren & Jeanette Radley1 July
The Talk

“You always think you’re right and I always end up being the loser in these arguments!” “If you hadn’t spent all that money then we wouldn’t be in this mess right now!”

by Genevieve Morton1 September
Things That Go Bump In The Flight- Overcome The Fear Of Flying

Does a fear of flying stop you from venturing off the island? Many Tasmanians battle with flight phobia – overwhelming anxiety experienced on take-off, during turbulence or simply at the thought of being up in the air.

by Annia Baron1 April
Lose Control. It’s Good For You.

There’s an outdated equation running through your head that’s stopping you from living your best life: The more in control I am = the happier I’ll be.

by Annia Baron1 March
Walk Away From The Crap That Doesn’t Serve You

Think of the most compassionate person you know. Bring to your mind their kindness, generosity, and caring nature. Picture their gentle, smiling face, willing to offer a helping hand at the drop of a hat.

by Annia Baron1 April
Is Self-Sabotage Holding You Back?

Staying up late knowing you’ve got an early start. Picking a petty argument with your partner. Having that third slice of pizza when you’re aiming to lose weight or deciding that watching YouTube tutorials on how to build an elevated garden bed is suddenly more important than finishing off tomorrow’s presentation.

Cold Water Wake Up Call
It seems everywhere I turn someone is talking about or participating in cold water swimming right now.
A Short Geelong Getaway
Since the Spirit of Tasmania terminal moved from Melbourne to Geelong late last year, a visit to Geelong has been on the radar.
27 Hobart Friends Get Snipping For One Off Wine
The borders were declared shut in Tasmania on the 30th of March, 2020; the first stare to do so amid the COVID- 19 pandemic and hard lockdown of Hobart followed.
Danphe Nepalese and Indian Food + Peppermint Bay Bar and Bistro
Nepalese food is a comfort in our house. Having spent much time trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal as a younger man, Nepalese food is something I always love to go back to.
That’s DR Hannah Gadsby To You
From Smithton to Netflix and the Emmys stage, Tasmanian stand up comic Hannah Gadsby has forged an unlikely path. Following on from the massive success of her shows Nanette and Douglas, Hannah brings her new show Body of Work to Hobart this month.
PODCAST: Incat founder Robert Clifford on why electric boats are the future
Robert Clifford is the founder of Incat, a Hobart company building fast ferries for the world. Always looking to future opportunities, he has identified where Hobart sits in the next wave of transportation. For more of this interview listen to The Hobart Magazine podcast.
Is Tourism Ready For More Forestry Wars?
Tasmanian forests are special. They’re home to centuries-old trees, including the tallest flowering trees on the planet, and support unique native species. Yet not everyone agrees on how these forests should be managed.
Hobart Chefs: When The Obsession Becomes Real
Tasmania’s brand as a foodie haven is cemented. But within the local hospitality industry there are those who love to use local produce...and those who are next-level obsessed with it. We spoke to a bunch of Hobart chefs who are top of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with local farmers and growers.
Did You Know Australia’s First Female Doctor Was Hobartian?
Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 
Return Travellers Adding Pressure to Hobart Housing
For all of us 2020 was a year like no other, punctuated by rapid change and plenty of new challenges. For vulnerable people in Tasmania, including people facing homelessness, those on low incomes and those facing increasingly higher rents, it was very challenging. We are seeing a growing demand for homes in Tassie from international travellers returning home, people moving for work and others seeking the lifestyle that our Apple Isle has to offer.
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February 2024

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Thank you to Luke Brokensha for mobilising his friends and local residents recently to host two rubbish clean ups along the Hobart Rivulet after heavy rains.
The warm weather returns...hello summer.
Need a laugh? Check out @theinspiredunemployed feed on Instagram.
Moto Vecchia Cafe in Bellerive and Czegs Cafe in Richmond have joined the Clarence City Council dementia program, creating dementia-friendly spaces for all patrons.
It’s hard to believe it’s not standard practice to have a working phone in every aged care room - shared phones make private conversations impossible and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.
Tacks on the tracks. Mountain bikers beware of tacks being left on certain tracks on the mountain.
Just when you think your cousins are alright. NZ Opposition Leader Judith Collins took aim at Tassie during her recent (unsuccessful) campaign, calling us Australia’s “poor cousin.” She also seems worried about us nabbing tech businesses, “It’s a lovely part of the world but do you necessarily want to go there with your high- tech business? Possibly not,” she said. We beg to differ!