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by The Hobart Magazine22 May
Quick Thai Larb Stir Fry
by The Hobart Magazine22 May
Trophy Room by Night
by Ollie Benson22 May
It All Stems From Mustard

Tucked in a pocket of southern Tasmania are two farmers whose approach to running a farming business is as interesting as the diverse range of vegetables they grow.

by Ollie Benson22 May
A Spicy Love Story

Every plant tells an important story of cultural connection. Several stories in fact. And as Paulette Whitney of Provenance Growers explains, it is these stories that “make you stop. They make you taste the food”.

by Ollie Benson22 May
The Diversity Of Life, And Fruit

Over the Christmas break I sat down to read a recently published book by Jill Griffiths, called What’s For Dinner. In the book’s introduction the author quotes a staggering fact – that 75% of the world’s food comes from just 12 plant species and 5 animal species. And that’s despite having 14,000 edible plants to choose from!

by Ollie Benson22 May
Did Someone Say Zucchini Glut?

Let’s be honest here. Each year they start out as a grower’s best friend, making you feel like a legitimate market gardener, before quickly becoming a headache as you push back the leaves and find yet another zucchini that’s got away.

by Ollie Benson22 May
Seasonal Eating During The Hungry Gap

Phil O’Donnell and Jimmy Zerella run Gardners Bay Farm, a market garden and orchard 10 minutes out of Cygnet. Originally established to supply the restaurant at Port Cygnet Cannery, the pair are now leasing the farm and selling their produce through vegetable box subscriptions and to restaurants.


by Stephanie Williams, Peta Hen22 May
Taste Of The North Hobart Streets

Side-step the famous North Hobart restaurant strip and explore the back streets to find some cracking good eats

by Ollie Benson22 May
You’ve Got to be Kidding – Goat Cheese is in Season!

The hills above Copping are alive with the sound of…bleating! It’s here on the slopes of the Ragged Tier and overlooking Marion Bay that you will find Leap Farm, a small Swiss Toggenburg goat dairy that produces Tongola Cheese.

by Stephanie Williams and Peta Hen22 May
Foodie Treasures of Sullivans Cove

A stone’s throw from Salamanca, you’ll find Sullivans Cove, a little trove of foodie finds, for any appetite.

by Ollie Benson22 May
Living Life Sunny Side Up

To many, eggs are seen as a year-round source of protein, however did you know they are seasonal? And right now, as all keepers of backyard chooks will testify, eggs are back on the menu!


by Stephanie Williams22 May
Not Too Far Off The Eatin’ Track

Food should be at the heart of any good road trip and you definitely won’t go wrong with these solid eating destinations just south of the mountain.

by Ollie Benson22 May
New Beginnings Sprouting at Fat Pig Farm

Since making Tasmania their home, Matthew Evans and Sadie Chrestman’s impact on food and farming in the state has been significant. And despite their decision to close their restaurant at Fat Pig Farm for a well-earned break, their influence is certain to continue. Indeed, in Keeley Bytheway, it already is.


by Peta Hen22 May
Chow Down in Hobart Midtown

Food is often the heart and soul of neighbourhoods, and what better way is there to get to know a place than hitting where the locals love to eat and hang out?

by Peta Hen22 May
Coffee with An Extra Shot of Esteem

Being part of a community is vital for anyone, especially so when you arrived from another country. We spoke to Ren McGrath, from volunteer organisation CityNetworks, about how a new Hobart community network cafe, Esteem Coffee, is breaking down cultural barriers, one esteem’ing cup at a time.

by Ollie Benson22 May
Meet the Cabbage Growers that are A-Head of the Game

Sitting above the Jansz Parish Vineyard on the outskirts of Richmond, looking down on the spindly arms of the now dormant vines, you can see rows and rows of stunning vegetables destined for the restaurants of Hobart. And there’s one humble vegetable that takes pride of place amongst the rows. From the crinkled leaves of the savoy to the tightly packed, conical-shaped hearts of the sugarloaf, it’s cabbage season!

by Peta Hen and Stephanie Williams22 May
Crescent Hotel + Du Cane Brewing

On a cold, wet night after work, the last thing we felt like doing was navigating half of the mainland who had turned up for the to eat and a good craft beer to wash it down with.

by Ollie Benson, Sprout Tasmania22 May
Tunnel Hill Mushrooms

It’s mushroom season! But at a time when Instagram feeds are full of foraged slippery jacks and saffron milk caps, there’s a grower on the outskirts of Hobart who’s found a unique environment for producing mushrooms all year round.

by Peta Hen22 May
Rocking Hobart Rolls

Sometimes you just want to grab and go – and a near-perfect form for a quick lunch has to be a roll. This month we explored some CBD options for a speedy feed, in roll form.

by Ollie Benson1 May
Coaldale Walnuts

On the banks of the Coal River just outside of Richmond, Phil and Jane Dening, daughter Sophie and son-in-law Brad Milic have been busy harvesting this year’s crop of walnuts.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
DINING OUT: Shari Hobart + Molto Wine Bar

By the time Saturday rolls around, the last thing I feel like doing is making lunch.


by Ollie Benson, Sprout Tasmania22 May
Hot Potatoes

Tasmanians are known for their love of the humble spud, and this year at Springdale Farm they are embracing the rainbow.

by Serena Hodge, Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)22 May
Do You Need Good Mood Food?

If a friend came to you in the woes of a mental health slump asking for advice on how to manage it, what would you tell them?

by Stephanie Williams22 May
Taste of Malaysia & Bangkok City Thai Street Food

As a lover of char kway teow, the smoky and savoury rice noodle dish from Malaysia, I’m always keen to try new places that serve it.

by Lily Whiting1 May

Fine dining is an experience, not just an outing. A dance between professionals to deliver a theatre show of food, wine and service.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
The Lost Captain

There’s a list running in our heads of the perfect venue to take visitors or for a fun lunch out with friends – it needs to be within a half hour or so drive of Hobart, boast a nice outdoor area where kids can get away from the table and entertain themselves, good food and great (Tassie-centric) drinks list, and a kids menu. Read on, we think we may have just found it.

by An office of snackers1 May
Quick Bites + Substantial Snacks

Whether you’ve conveniently forgotten to pack that soggy sandwich for lunch, or need a quick bite on the way to the next errand, there are endless options in Hobart for a substantial snack or light lunch in a hurry. This list is by no means comprehensive, so let us know where your favourite snacks are.

by Laura Cini1 May
The Fascinating World of Gut Bugs

The gut microbiome is such a fascinating topic. So much has happened in this area in recent years: improved technology for testing the gut microbiome, an explosion of research, books written, and podcasts released.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Cultura Espresso Bar and Restaurant

Cultura is right near our office and conveniently close to pop in for their $10 lunchtime takeaway pasta special. The gorgonzola orecchiette is a team favourite! Chef’s kiss. But after saying many times, ‘let’s sit in here for lunch one day’, it was only recently that we finally did.

by Lily Whiting1 May
The Winston

Sometimes an outing doesn’t have to be anything other than sat­isfying a craving: a beer, some fried chicken, and a game of pool with a mate. A recent visit to The Winston after an overwhelm­ing week of work during Dark Mofo was needed to fill that beer and chicken sized cup again.

by Amanda Double1 May
Muttonbird Feasting

A long-held desire to taste muttonbird was finally realised last month at Dark Mofo’s fabulous Winter Feast.

by Laura Cini1 May
Hobart Hygge

Have you heard of the Danish concept of hygge? I came across it recently and it means a quality of comfort and coziness that gives you a feeling of contentment and well-being.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
DINING OUT: Hometown Secret + The Winston

I’d seen the bright, canary yellow exterior of Hometown Secret enough times to be intrigued to head inside. But where is the hometown? And what is the secret?

by Stephanie Williams1 May
A Little Bit Frenchie At Twamley Farm

Cooking while hungry kids are breathing down your neck is harder, I imagine, than a Mystery Box Challenge on Masterchef. Critical judges, quick thinking, and a cold meal to eat once you finally reach the finish line (i.e. the kids are fed).

by Laura Cini1 May
Warming Winter Wellness

Well, winter is upon us in Hobart. One of my friends calls it the season of hiber­nation, hot chocolate and hot chips. She asked me the other day whether it was normal to feel hungrier in the colder months than the warmer ones.

by Lilian Koch1 May
Royalty Sky Hot Pot

On frosty days my friends and I tend to search for places to eat that will warm us up with hot comfort food. Tucked away from Elizabeth Street Mall lies a cosy, yet vibrant hot pot restaurant with an array of delicious Chinese food.

by Laura Cini1 May
How to Fix Your Sleep

My client sat in front of me teary and overwhelmed. “I’m exhausted. My days are so busy. At night I lie in bed and my mind races. When I finally get to sleep I wake around 3am and then can’t get back to sleep. Plus, my sugar cravings are out of control and I can’t stop eating chocolate. I need help.”

by Lily Whiting1 May
Mr Korea and Rosie in my Midnight Dreams

My mother could never quite understand the fascination behind going to a restaurant only to cook your own food. While I can understand how it contradicts the fun of going out, being tended to and not being lugged with the washing up, I hope she would have seen the light if she were my company at a recent visit to Korean charcoal BBQ, Mr Korea. This type of outing is the best of both worlds, the novelty of cooking (for those who enjoy it), being with company and eating yummy things, without being trapped in a kitchen away from the group for half the night, and dealing with a kitchen full of dishes in the morning.

by Lily Whiting1 May

Shared plates, wine and good company in a relaxed atmosphere is music to my ears and an even better time for my belly. A visit to North Hobart’s Malik was a satisfying and effortless meal between five girlfriends and me.

by Laura Cini1 May
What’s The Deal With Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting has been getting lots of attention in the me­dia and the wellness sphere, but what’s the big deal? Why would you choose to not eat and how could it be good for you?

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Dining Out: Ladies Lounge High Tea For Two At Mona

I was recently invited to join a gorgeous friend for an afternoon of high tea and bubbles in the Ladies Lounge at MONA, a private area of the museum in which only, and all, ladies are welcome.

by Lily Whiting1 May
Dining Out: Late Nights At Yummy Inn City

Hobart is unfortunately a city that doesn’t offer many late night food options beyond fast food. After all the city restaurants have finished their dinner service, there is one place to get proper food beyond 11pm.

by Stephanie Williams1 May

If you’re into wine, a good wine bar is a delight. Not only a place to facilitate catch ups with friends but also a place of education and discovery.

by Laura Cini1 May
Power Up Your Defence Force

Readers, this month I’m going to focus on your incredible defence system and what you can do to support it.


by Stephanie Williams1 May
St Albi

While it’s not a new space by any means (happy sixth birthday St Albi!), walking into the converted warehouse that houses St Albi, it feels vibrant and like a slice of Sydney or Melbourne turned up in a back street of Moonah.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Billy’s Burgers

There’s a restaurant for all scenarios. The trick is going to the right one at the right time! A few Saturday’s ago, our scenario was that our son had just won a very exciting sporting grand final.

by Laura Cini1 May
Time to Re-balance and Detox

Readers, if you’re feeling a bit worse for wear after the season’s festivities: tired, bloated or sluggish, how about a detox? But wait! Before you run for the hills, I’m not talking about gimmicky stints of deprivation where you exist solely on lemon water or cabbage soup or the like. This is not a smart or effective detox.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Sacred Bites

My husband has a very deep love of Indian, nurtured by many trips there. His first trip was as a toddler, and I don’t doubt that one day, when borders and international borders return to a more “normal” situation, we’ll travel there as a family.

by Laura Cini1 May
Charting A Course For Calm Amidst The Silly Season

Hello readers. How are you? No, not the usual “how are you?” question that’s met with the usual “fine thanks” response. How are you really?

by Stephanie Williams11 March
Rin Japanese + The Drunken Admiral

I’ve driven past Rin so many times. Like The Drunken Admiral, I’d always wondered what it was like. In the spirit of ticking places off the list, we booked a table on a rainy Friday night to find out.

by Stephanie Williams11 March
Cinnamon and Cherry, Franklin + Institut Polaire, Hobart

The adrenaline is flowing, you’re feeling way too busy to sit down and eat lunch and you might not even feel thirsty or hungry. Or you might raid the office lolly jar or a pack of bikkies in your close vicinity for a quick sugar hit on the go.

by Stephanie Williams11 March
Deep South Brewing Co & Migrant Resource Centre Kitchen

Argyle Street isn’t somewhere that you’d immediately think of heading for dinner, but with the new Deep South Brewing Co (220 Argyle Street, North Hobart) venue opening for dining, it’s suddenly a destination.

by Laura Cini11 March
Smart Snacking to Boost Energy

The adrenaline is flowing, you’re feeling way too busy to sit down and eat lunch and you might not even feel thirsty or hungry. Or you might raid the office lolly jar or a pack of bikkies in your close vicinity for a quick sugar hit on the go.

by Stephanie Williams11 March
Winter in Tassie is Made for Eating

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again, Tasmanian produce is amazing. And winter is the perfect time to get out and eat it all. Explore the markets, head straight to the farm gates or expand your cooking skills across the island.

by Stephanie Williams10 February
Urban Greek & Dumbo Dumplings

Sometimes you just want to enjoy eating something comforting. No fancy foams or trends, but just good, tasty fare.

by Max Marriott11 March
27 Hobart Friends Get Snipping For One Off Wine

The borders were declared shut in Tasmania on the 30th of March, 2020; the first stare to do so amid the COVID- 19 pandemic and hard lockdown of Hobart followed.

by Sarah Aitken1 May
Hobart Chefs: When The Obsession Becomes Real

Tasmania’s brand as a foodie haven is cemented. But within the local hospitality industry there are those who love to use local produce…and those who are next-level obsessed with it. We spoke to a bunch of Hobart chefs who are top of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with local farmers and growers.

by James Marten10 February
Danphe Nepalese and Indian Food + Peppermint Bay Bar and Bistro

Nepalese food is a comfort in our house. Having spent much time trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal as a younger man, Nepalese food is something I always love to go back to.

by James Marten10 February
Tom McHugo’s: Good Wine, Good Veggies

When I was younger, the things I looked for in a pub were somewhere with a comfy bar stool, cheap drinks, a social crowd and a few hot chips. As I’ve aged (hopefully gracefully), my pub ‘wishlist’ has too.

by Zilla Gordon10 February
Thai Food Memories in Moonah

Moving to Hobart from Brisbane almost two-and-a-half years ago, I’d heard this town served up some great food. I knew there were wine bars hidden around a sandstone corner, or I could pick locally caught seafood at tuck in while watching the boats at Constitution Dock.

by Stephanie Williams10 February
Tried Uyghur Cusine? You Can Now in Hobart!

You never know when you’re going to have your culinary world expanded and for me recently it was in the back on an Uber.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
Tassie Chefs Share Their Ultimate Christmas Kitchen Secrets

Festive season entertaining got you frazzled? We’ve got you covered.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
BONUS Christmas Recipes

A few extra festive recipes from some of Tassie’s top foodies to get you hungry this Christmas.

by Zilla Gordon1 December
Distillers Diversify to Conquer Covid

The green fairy has left bohemian Paris and come to Hobart.

by Stephanie Williams1 December
Rock And Vietnamese Roll

There’s quite a bit of choice when it comes to Vietnamese food in Hobart, especially with the staple banh mi bread roll.

by Zilla Gordon11 November
Dāna Eating House

Setting up shop during a pandemic was a risky move, but if the crowd at Dāna Eating House (Dāna) on a Friday night is anything to go by, it’s one that’s paid off. With tables of diners chatting and laughing over drinks, the music and conversation buzzes off the monstera-leaf-green walls. Low-hanging rattan lights and worn wooden floorboards give the newly opened South-East Asian fusion venue in Hobart’s CBD a relaxed vibe.

by Sarah Ugazio11 November
Madame Saisons: Post-Pandemic Party Preppers

As we emerge from the cold we’re certainly ready for more get togethers. However, while we can all be grateful for Mother Nature hitting the ‘Defrost’ button, we may not have the same spring in our step coming out of our caves this year. Lockdown in late summer through autumn, followed by winter’s frosty hiatus, may have left our social skills rather scant.

by Benedict Freudenmann1 March
How To Safely Exercise Your Gut

Although stretching your gut to make room for that last slice of pizza could technically be construed as an exercise, it’s unfortunately not what I’m here to talk about today. I’m talking about the impact of physical exercise on your gut health.

by Stephanie Williams11 August
Engineering New Winemaking in the Coal River Valley

Anh Nguyen followed her life purpose to switch from being an engineering academic to a biodynamic winemaker in the Coal River Valley. But, after winning a major agriculture award for innovation, Anh is bringing her past experience into her new direction.

by Stephanie Williams4 August
Hamlet Cafe’s Emily Briffa

Hamlet Cafe has been part of the Hobart hospo landscape since February 2016 and delivers targeted training and work readiness skills in order to tackle the barriers which prevent disadvantaged Tasmanians from participating in work and community life. Since then, founder Emily Briffa has helped to provide over 22,000 hours of work experience to over 260 Tasmanians.

by Sarah Ugazio1 August
Madame Saisons: Spice It Up

Making the most of abundant seasonal produce has never been more timely (excuse the pun).

by Matt Breen1 May
Matt Breen Of Templo

“This is something I’ll often make at home with dried Orrechiette, which you can easily find in most supermarkets. It’s a really quick and easy recipe to do. I learnt it when I spent some time in Sicily. If I’m not in too much of a rush, I’ll make fresh Orrechiette too.”

by Sarah Ugazio1 May
Madame Saisons: Green And Gold

While summer’s colourful crops may be well behind us, we can still hold on to the last harvest of berries, red greenhouse cherry tomatoes and yellow sweet corn before winter takes her pound of fresh. Though the seasonal palate through May and June is decidedly green and gold on both the plate and ground.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Ruckus Fried Chicken

New Town Plaza probably isn’t your first choice for a dinner date locale but with the opening of Ruckus Fried Chicken a little while back, it’s stocks went soaring.

by Zoe Cooney1 July
Culinary King

If you’re after some tasty Indian cuisine then Culinary King is for you. Sitting among the restaurants lining Elizabeth Street in North Hobart, Culinary King is quickly becoming the go-to spot for delicious dhal, fragrant curries and top-notch naan bread.

by Sarah Ugazio1 July
Madame Saisons: Roots N’All

Tough and true Tasmanians stand strong in the face of winter, as do harvest veggies still growing in the garden. Brassicas and bulbs boldly anchor their stalks while underground tubers and root vegetables tightly take hold for the chilly months ahead. Whether one vigilantly braces or vigorously embraces single digit forecasts, the astringent crisp air tends to make us move a little faster homewards to hibernate. Quick shops, slow food and hot meals call for batch cooking.

by Simon Pockran1 July
Simon Pockran – The Old Wharf Restaurant Macq 01

“The hasselback potato is an oldie but goodie, you can’t beat some crispy potatoes on these cold winter days. These are best served with lots of butter and salt. You can find some really interesting varieties like pink fur apple potatoes at the markets, the more colourful the better. It takes a bit of patience to get them all cut but it’s definitely worth it. I love to eat these as a snack with a glass of wine or as a side dish with some roasted fish.”

by Genevieve Morton1 November

There’s a buzz about Suminato in Sandy Bay. The Japanese restaurant opened 10 months ago in the former Witchery site on King Street and brings its own contemporary twist to a burgeoning Japanese restaurant scene in Hobart.

by Steve Cumper1 November
Steve Cumper Of Fern Tree Tavern

“In this simple dish, the flavours of Middle Europe sparkle with the smoked eel, dill, caraway and Russian salad. The salad, once a mainstay of menus decades past, is something not often seen today but I think it deserves another moment in the sun. I’d serve the dish with some chilled Tasmanian Vodka for a really authentic taste.”

by Sarah Ugazio1 November
Madame Saisons: Shady Servings – Colourful Nightshades Hit The Plates

Crossing over spring’s peak towards summer, the leprechaun-green shoots of new growth herald a rainbow of new colours for the plate. Pears depart while pops of red and blue appear in November’s fruit basket with the season’s first ripened blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

by Genevieve Morton1 January
Bar Scene: Hobart- Let’s Go Out

Summer is here and Hobart’s bar scene has never been hotter. Tassie nightlife hits its peak when the weather is warm and our city offers intimate and quirky watering holes like no other. Here are our top picks for Summer.

by Iain Todd1 January
Iain Todd- Executive Chef, Saffire Freycinet

“This is a really nice early summer dish using buffalo mozzarella, it’s the most delicious thing! I remember when I was a first year apprentice in my first few weeks of working in a little restaurant in Melbourne after I had just moved there. My head chef gave me a little slice of buffalo mozzarella to taste when the cheese van had come around to the back door of the kitchen. It was one of those moments where the world stood still. So simple yet so delicious. That’s when I knew that I was going to be stuck in the kitchen forever.”

by Stephanie Williams1 January
Warming Winter Food At Bar Wa Izakaya

Sitting at the bar on a busy Friday night, my partner and I immediately have flashbacks of a ski trip we took to Japan a couple of years back. After skiing all day, the izakaya, (a Japanese version of a pub) became our go-to each night for dinner, drinks and fun. Bar Wa Izakaya, on Elizabeth Street between the city and North Hobart, is a cranking little spot which feels about as close to authentic as you can get this side of Tokyo.

by Sarah Ugazio1 January
Madame Saisons: Summer Love – A New Take On Classic Stonefruits

The Aussie summer comes with two big advantages. While we take an opportunity to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, the kitchen garden peaks in full swing. The abundance of growth and colour nods to a positive start to the new year. Resolutions to address expanding waistlines acquired over the festive season are buoyed by an array of choice to inspire creative salads, with bulging garden beds and pops of fruiting colour beckoning one to get moving outdoors and start picking summer’s harvest.

by Rhys Hannan1 March
Rhys Hannan- Owner/ Executive Chef, Small-Fry

I love simple, balanced cooking. Good ingredients prepared well never fail to impress and delight. I also – like any self-respecting human being – love fried food. Putting together this dish on a Sunday night with a movie and some of my partner April’s ice cream for dessert is the simplest of joys.

by James Marten1 March
More Than Meats The Eye – Mullet Cafe

With a name like Mullet Cafe and being perched above the rolling surf of Park Beach at Dodges Ferry, you’d think this place would be full of wax heads chugging on milkshakes and dimmies. But there’s more to this little local secret than meets the eye.

by Sarah Ugazio1 March
Madame Saisons: Savour And Relish

Ever wondered what Italians do for tomatoes in winter? Family traditions are still in common practice across this truss-loving nation to make homemade passata (uncooked tomato purée, strained and bottled), estratto (rich tomato paste), whole peeled tomatoes (canned in jars with lemon and salt), as well as Giardiniera (pickled vegetables in oil or vinegar and herbs) at Summer’s end.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Vince Trim- Executive Chef, Mona

Pretzels are a firm favourite in my house. They are quick and fun to make, and you don’t really need to follow a prescriptive recipe so you can add any toppings and flavours you like.

by Stephanie Williams1 May
Family Friendly Dining

There’s family friendly, then there’s family friendly. The first is an establishment that has a kids menu – a few fried options and not much more. The second is somewhere that you genuinely feel comfortable being.

by Genevieve Morton1 July
Go On – Hibernate

If you’re feeling the pull towards hibernation – wellness practitioners say it’s time to slow down. Resist overloading your schedule, embrace the longer nights with adequate sleep and above all else – don’t push yourself. ‘Winter in Tassie is not the time to be feeling like a hamster on a wheel,’ Goulds naturopath Belinda Robson says.

by Sarah Ugazio1 July
Madame Saisons: Stocking Up

If there’s one thing we can all agree food should be right now, is that it’s got to be hot! Steaming porridge, simmering soups, roasts and ragus are all the rage, if not a vital requirement to keep us thermally stable.

by Stephanie Williams1 September
Ruben Koopman Of The Shoreline Hotel

The tuna in the picture is how we plate it in the Dining Room at The Shoreline Hotel. Of course, like always in cooking, you are free to present in any way you see fit!

by Stephanie Williams1 September

Sometimes you just need to go back to a place and rediscover it all over again. When Fico first opened back in 2016, I enjoyed the full experience of the tasting menu and savoured every dish.

by Stephanie Williams 1 December
Timbre Kitchen

Some food is just worth going an extra few miles to experience. Timbre Kitchen, just outside Launceston in the Tamar Valley wine region, has been on my radar for some time now. So when we popped up to Launceston recently with our two young kids in tow, we seized the opportunity.

by Sarah Ugazio1 March
Madame Saisons: The Subtle Art Of Christmas Feasting

Unless you’ve gone to the trouble of fattening up a fowl yourself, you may be gobble-smacked to know procuring a Tasmanian turkey is off the menu, literally.

by Benedict Freudenmann1 February
Does My Gut Affect My Mood?

As a nutritionist, gut issues are my bread and butter. However something most people wouldn’t associate with gut issues are mental health disorders. Yet I see it over and over again and research has proven that patients with persistent gut issues are much more likely to present with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

by Stephanie Williams1 February
Frank Restaurant

Years ago I travelled through Morocco and there’s one dish that still haunts my memory. It was a smoky evening in the Djemaa El Fna, Marrakech’s main square, and I found a very busy but non-descript stall serving fish with a seemingly simple fresh, cold tomato sauce.

by Stephanie Williams1 February
Why ‘Plant-Based Meat’ Is On The Menu

You might have noticed the term ‘plant-based meats’ more and more recently. It seems everywhere you turn, another business is creating a product that doesn’t contain any animal products and is made from plants. But why is there such an increase and is it any good for you?

by Benedict Freudenmann1 March
Are You What You Eat?

You need nutrients to survive. They’re the building blocks of all matter within your body. However no other topic on earth seems to have as much controversy as nutrient intake (your diet). It’s complex, it’s messy and no one seems to have all the answers.

by Stephanie Williams1 March
Changing The Guard At Franklin

There’s no doubt that chef Analiese Gregory has commanded the attention of the food world over the past few years, taking Franklin restaurant to the next level and becoming a poster girl of sorts for where food in Tassie is at right now.

Cold Water Wake Up Call
It seems everywhere I turn someone is talking about or participating in cold water swimming right now.
A Short Geelong Getaway
Since the Spirit of Tasmania terminal moved from Melbourne to Geelong late last year, a visit to Geelong has been on the radar.
27 Hobart Friends Get Snipping For One Off Wine
The borders were declared shut in Tasmania on the 30th of March, 2020; the first stare to do so amid the COVID- 19 pandemic and hard lockdown of Hobart followed.
Danphe Nepalese and Indian Food + Peppermint Bay Bar and Bistro
Nepalese food is a comfort in our house. Having spent much time trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal as a younger man, Nepalese food is something I always love to go back to.
That’s DR Hannah Gadsby To You
From Smithton to Netflix and the Emmys stage, Tasmanian stand up comic Hannah Gadsby has forged an unlikely path. Following on from the massive success of her shows Nanette and Douglas, Hannah brings her new show Body of Work to Hobart this month.
PODCAST: Incat founder Robert Clifford on why electric boats are the future
Robert Clifford is the founder of Incat, a Hobart company building fast ferries for the world. Always looking to future opportunities, he has identified where Hobart sits in the next wave of transportation. For more of this interview listen to The Hobart Magazine podcast.
Is Tourism Ready For More Forestry Wars?
Tasmanian forests are special. They’re home to centuries-old trees, including the tallest flowering trees on the planet, and support unique native species. Yet not everyone agrees on how these forests should be managed.
Hobart Chefs: When The Obsession Becomes Real
Tasmania’s brand as a foodie haven is cemented. But within the local hospitality industry there are those who love to use local produce...and those who are next-level obsessed with it. We spoke to a bunch of Hobart chefs who are top of the game when it comes to fostering relationships with local farmers and growers.
Did You Know Australia’s First Female Doctor Was Hobartian?
Tasmania, despite its small size and population in comparison to the mainland, has produced more than its proportionally predicted percentage of significant figures and heroes of Australian history. 
Return Travellers Adding Pressure to Hobart Housing
For all of us 2020 was a year like no other, punctuated by rapid change and plenty of new challenges. For vulnerable people in Tasmania, including people facing homelessness, those on low incomes and those facing increasingly higher rents, it was very challenging. We are seeing a growing demand for homes in Tassie from international travellers returning home, people moving for work and others seeking the lifestyle that our Apple Isle has to offer.
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The warm weather returns...hello summer.
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Moto Vecchia Cafe in Bellerive and Czegs Cafe in Richmond have joined the Clarence City Council dementia program, creating dementia-friendly spaces for all patrons.
It’s hard to believe it’s not standard practice to have a working phone in every aged care room - shared phones make private conversations impossible and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.
Tacks on the tracks. Mountain bikers beware of tacks being left on certain tracks on the mountain.
Just when you think your cousins are alright. NZ Opposition Leader Judith Collins took aim at Tassie during her recent (unsuccessful) campaign, calling us Australia’s “poor cousin.” She also seems worried about us nabbing tech businesses, “It’s a lovely part of the world but do you necessarily want to go there with your high- tech business? Possibly not,” she said. We beg to differ!